Team Wheel

Case Study - Lore Group
HR Transformation at Lore Hotel group

Case study: Lore Group

Team Wheel with Andy Simpson at the helm transform HRIS at Lore Group Hotels, bringing unity and efficiency to replace a bringing unity and efficiency to replace a disparate and disjointed legacy HR environment. 

6 hotels accross 3 countries
22 Legacy HRIS / Payroll / labour scheduling systems
2000 employees


Lore Group is a Prestigious international hospitality company that designs, transforms, manages and runs hotel and food and drink concepts in notable cities across Europe and the United States. The group recognised an urgent need for a new HR Information System to combine their existing 22 different HRIS, Payroll and labour scheduling systems into one manageable and effective platform. In 2020 they came to Team Wheel for help to achieve one cohesive system which could supply universal functionality for all HR activities throughout the group worldwide. The main aim was to create a single HR system that would make life easier, bring teams together and deliver a sense of belonging.

The Work

After carefully taking the brief and ensuring we understood Lore Groups intended requirements we interviewed the relevant stakeholders from every sector of the business to assess the functionality they needed and any extra features they wanted to include. We looked at the problems experienced with the existing arrangements and at those components which people wanted to keep. We worked hard to compile a specification that would ensure we could achieve the perfect HR transformation for Lore.

We researched 21 different package providers shortlisting 6 before inviting several demonstrations and explanations of specific product areas from a final three. To ensure the best fit both in terms of performance and ROI we compiled a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) including around 400 specific questions arising from our research which we gave to our final three providers. After careful weighting, scoring and analysis of the responses in conjunction with the senior team at Lore we were able to recommend orkday and illustrate why their package was the best fit to achieve the HR transformation needed.

The Results

Benefits for Lore Group

The absolute benefit of Team Wheel’s involvement is that every employee of Lore has gained a sense of belonging with an inclusive solution that delivers engagement on one platform meaning no more logging into different systems. Team Wheel consulted extensively throughout the group gaining an impartial insight into how employees and departments work and interact and tailored their solution to fit. Team wheel was able to negotiate keenly to deliver a large subsidy and 40% implementation discount.

Team Wheel’s involvement in the transformation at Lore Group Hotels did not end with the decision on which HCM system to use, we spent several months leading the implementation project in two phases initially most employee facing areas were deployed (including reporting and payroll) followed by recruitment and more internal activities

The Project Benefits

  • Increased employee engagement leading to a more responsive organisation helping increase satisfaction, retention, and loyalty to Lore.
  • Much wider organisational communication / responsiveness with Lore Group enable to communicate directly with all employees at all their hotels.
  • Increased wage productivity and flexibility from the “high tech” Schedule Management tool.
  • Increased flexibility for employees and managers from the incorporated Schedule Management tools.
  • Opportunity to increase employee attraction and retention.
  • Approval hierarchy controls ensuring process followed and monitored across the group’s hotels.
  • Recruitment, Onboarding and Talent Planning tools will shorten time to fill vacancies and improved onboarding times.
  • Metrics such as ‘time-to-fill, ‘Cost to hire split by role type’ now available and invaluable for finding efficiencies.
  • Quicker route to productive staff members as they are onboarded efficiently with all the necessary training and materials.
  • Created stronger succession and talent planning across Lore Group hotels allowing future saving on recruitment and market premiums.
  • Automatic report production – large saving in time and cost.
  • Reduced risk of Data Breach from less excel / csv use and keeping data secure within the platform.
  • Automation of transactional HR tasks bringing in line with leading progressive organisations. 
  • Scalable – easy to add or remove hotels or other projects reducing future costs.
  • Ability to understand and have true, instant visibility of the organisation’s key people and payroll data via one sole source of truth.
  • Customisable per region / hotel.
  • A big statement to our employees of that we want to be an employer of choice using the best technology available!


The S.P.O.K.E framework

Wherever you are in your HR digital transformation journey, our team can help. Our S.P.O.K.E process outlines the five key areas of a successful transformation project and illustrates how Team Wheel can provide you what’s right for you and your business.