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The Seasonal Shift: Using HRIS for summer staffing in hospitality

As the hospitality sector gears up for the bustling summer season, HR Directors and Senior HR leaders face the complex challenge of managing seasonal staffing needs. While the spotlight often falls on...

The Power of RPA in Human Resources

In the field of Human Resources (HR), the pursuit of streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and a focus on strategic initiatives has never been as relevant. One major recent innovation gaining...

Seamlessly Integrating HRIS with Existing Systems

For many businesses, the key to maximising the benefits of an HRIS lies in seamless integration with existing systems. A well-executed integration process ensures data accuracy, reduces manual...

Navigating HRIS Selection for Enterprise-Scale Organisations

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) have become a vital tool for managing HR processes efficiently and driving organisational success. For enterprise-scale organisations, selecting the right...

A HRD’s succession planning checklist – Free resource

Welcome to our HRD Checklist for Successful Succession Planning. As a Human Resources Director (HRD), you play a critical role in ensuring that your organisation has a robust succession planning...

FAQ guide for succession planning with HRIS tools

Welcome to our FAQ guide on succession planning with HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) tools. We aim to provide answers to common questions regarding how HRIS tools can support your...

How HR Tech Empowers Succession Planning and Fuels Learning and Development

More than ever before, businesses are facing the constant challenge of preparing for leadership transitions while nurturing the growth and development of their workforce. Traditional succession...

The Perils of HR Data: Why You Should Guard It With Your Life (Or At Least A Good Password)

Data security is vital in today's world where information is exchanged and stored electronically, all the time. It is even more critical when dealing with sensitive HR information related to...

Dirty Data? Clean It Up: How to Engage Employees in HR Data Hygiene

At Team Wheel we believe that HR data is the foundation of any organisation. It is crucial for companies to keep HR data clean, up-to-date, and accurate to ensure they are making informed...


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