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The Seasonal Shift: Using HRIS for summer staffing in hospitality

As the hospitality sector gears up for the bustling summer season, HR Directors and Senior HR leaders face the complex challenge of managing seasonal staffing needs. While the spotlight often falls on Christmas for its high demand for temporary staff, the summer months present an equally critical period for strategic staffing.

The Power of RPA in Human Resources

In the field of Human Resources (HR), the pursuit of streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and a focus on strategic initiatives has never been as relevant. One major recent innovation gaining considerable traction in the HR domain is Robotic Process Automation (RPA

How is AI benefiting HR transformations?

As organizations continue to undergo digital transformation, the role of HR is evolving. HR leaders are tasked with finding innovative ways to attract, retain, and develop talent, while also managing costs and increasing productivity. One technology that can help HR leaders achieve these goals is artificial intelligence (AI).