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FAQ guide for succession planning with HRIS tools

FAQ Guide for succession planning with HRIS

May 2023

Welcome to our FAQ guide on succession planning with HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) tools. We aim to provide answers to common questions regarding how HRIS tools can support your organisation’s succession planning efforts. 

From talent identification to career development and performance management, learn how leveraging HR technology can streamline and enhance your succession planning strategy. Let’s delve into the world of HRIS and discover its role in shaping a successful succession planning framework.


Q: What is succession planning?

A: Succession planning is the strategic process of identifying and developing employees to fill key leadership positions within an organisation in the event of planned or unplanned departures.

Q: How can HRIS tools support succession planning?

A: HRIS tools provide a comprehensive platform to facilitate various aspects of succession planning, including talent identification, skill assessment, career development, and performance management.

Q: How do HRIS tools help in talent identification?

A: HRIS tools offer robust employee profiles that capture essential information, such as performance records, skills, certifications, and career aspirations. These profiles enable HR professionals to identify high-potential employees who exhibit the desired competencies for future leadership roles.

Q: Can HRIS tools assess competency gaps?

A: Yes, HRIS tools typically include competency management modules that allow organisations to define and assess the skills and competencies required for specific roles. By comparing employee competencies against these benchmarks, HR professionals can identify skill gaps and design targeted development plans.

Q: How do HRIS tools support career development?

A: HRIS tools often integrate with learning management systems (LMS) or learning experience platforms (LXP) to provide a range of training resources and personalised learning paths. Employees can access these platforms to acquire new skills, participate in developmental programs, and prepare for future leadership positions.

Q: Can HRIS tools facilitate talent mobility?

A: Yes, HRIS tools enable organisations to create talent marketplaces and career development portals. These platforms showcase internal job opportunities, projects, and cross-functional assignments, allowing employees to explore new roles and gain diverse experiences that prepare them for future leadership positions.

Q: How do HRIS tools facilitate performance management in succession planning?

A: HRIS tools streamline the performance management process by providing mechanisms for ongoing feedback, goal setting, and performance evaluation. HR professionals can monitor employee progress, align development goals with succession planning objectives, and identify high performers for potential leadership roles.

Q: Can HRIS tools assist in tracking succession planning progress?

A: Absolutely. HRIS tools offer reporting and analytics features that provide insights into the progress and effectiveness of succession planning initiatives. These tools allow HR professionals to monitor talent development, identify potential gaps, and make data-driven decisions to refine and improve succession planning strategies.

Q: How can HRIS tools contribute to a diverse and inclusive succession planning process?

A: HRIS tools often incorporate features to mitigate bias in talent selection and evaluation processes. Additionally, they can facilitate diversity and inclusion training initiatives, helping organisations foster a more inclusive culture and ensure fair opportunities for employees in succession planning.

Q: Are HRIS tools suitable for organisations of all sizes?

A: Yes, HRIS tools are available in a range of options, from comprehensive enterprise solutions to more streamlined systems for smaller organisations. There are options to fit the needs and budgets of businesses of various sizes, enabling them to implement effective succession planning strategies.

Remember, while HRIS tools can significantly enhance succession planning efforts, it’s crucial to align the technology with your organisation’s specific requirements and ensure proper implementation and user adoption for optimal results.

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