Team Wheel

Fitting the spokes to the Wheel

At Team Wheel we are continuously looking for ways to get our message across to clients in a way that epitomises our approach. We are professional and proficient in all things HR and wanted to express what we do in a straightforward yet comprehensive way.

Five Fundamental Areas for successful HR digital transformation

We looked at key areas of a typical HR transformation project and created the SPOKE framework to illustrate what we set out to achieve.


Team Wheel’s consultative process begins with listening to you, the client to create a coherent and relevant Strategy for your transformation. The Strategy phase begins at phase zero, understanding the scale of transformation by assessing your starting point. You may already have adopted methodology worth retaining and incorporating, or you may have more outdated or outmoded practices which hold you back. Team Wheel looks at where you are and outlines your route to where we think you need to be. Only when we know where we are starting from can we plan the journey and both research and fully cost potential solutions. Using our knowledge and experience we will prepare a business case report recommending a strategy which will achieve the optimum transformation for you and your business. We will present a realistic timeline and budget for the project so providing the tools you need in the decision-making process.


Using our experience of the competitive world of modern HR Information systems (HRIS) we advise and negotiate with the best fit provider of HR systems for your organisation, looking closely at which features and functions you need now and are likely to need in the future. Team Wheel is tech-agnostic making us unbiased when looking for the application that provides the best outcome for you. We are not aligned with any provider and strongly believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for HR transformation. We look through the window dressing and concentrate on matching core functionality with the right user interface for you and all the stakeholders involved. Using the start point information from the strategy phase we map both current requirements and any anticipated functionality needed as the transformation progresses. We will assist with the RFI process and analyse responses with you to properly define the RFP, inviting vendors to provide accurate fully costed solutions. At Team Wheel we will always offer expert unbiased advice and recommendations on the best solution for your business requirements and goals.


Having someone on your side when dealing with suppliers, delivery, and integration partners results in successful HR transformation projects. Team Wheel consultants are specialists in implementation & programme delivery. Knowing partner tactics and working methods allows us to reduce your costs & delivery times. We help secure buy-in from every stakeholder across your organisation by involving them at every stage, learning their requirements and addressing their concerns. We aim to make the process of migration from existing platforms seamless and create an enthusiastic anticipation for the advantages of the transformed HR environment. The Onboard phase covers the implementation of programme delivery strategy & schedules. Team Wheel help your teams to come to grips with new software packages and encourage them to learn the nuances of the environment you adopt. We conduct comprehensive user acceptance testing to minimise stakeholder resistance to change as well as PEN testing to ensure the system chosen is robust and secure. Once all preliminary work is completed, we will be there to help with building and rolling out the framework of your new transformed HR.


Team Wheel has the expertise to share with stakeholders, being fully conversant with all the processes and systems incorporated into every major package. We know what each can do and more importantly know how to show your people how to use them most advantageously. We manage the roll out of the transformed system, providing comprehensive training and support for stakeholders. We will listen to concerns and offer guidance during the transition to make sure no group or department feels excluded from the process. We offer expert advice and troubleshooting solutions, so the transformation progresses as smoothly as possible.


Team Wheel does not just launch your transformation and run. We offer a comprehensive period of training prior to your go live date to ensure everyone knows how to get the most out of your investment. Using the principles of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), we put in place the best team to ensure success. Our consultants work with your teams to ensure everyone is on board, supported, and ready to deliver. We are unafraid of getting our hands dirty and are there to act as your transformation sherpas doing the work as well as helping you navigate. We act as translators between the tech teams and your stakeholders, taking complex processes, language and systems and making them easier to digest so everyone can be onboard with the transformation programme from start to finish.

If you’re looking for help understanding your Digital HR Transformation needs, take a look at our online quiz, or else get in touch and one of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.