Team Wheel

Let us treat your business like our own

Knowledge & Enhance

Team Wheel doesn’t just launch your transformation and run. We offer a comprehensive period of training prior to your go live date to ensure everyone knows how to get the most out of your investment.

Using the principles of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), we put in place the best team to ensure your success. Our consultants work with your teams to ensure everyone is on board, supported, and ready to deliver. We’re unafraid of getting our hands dirty and are there to act as your transformation sherpas doing the work as well as helping you navigate.

We act as translators between the tech teams and your stakeholders, taking complex processes, language and systems and making them easier to digest so everyone can be onboard with the transformation programme from start to finish.

*Stakeholder training & support

*Expert guidance for software concerns and issues

*Troubleshooting onboarding activities

*Running and facilitating optimisation workshops

*Technology optimisation & support