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When it comes to implementing new HR systems or transformation projects, testing is vital but can be challenging.Team Wheel Testing for Workday and Dayforce will save the day.

As an HR team, you should not worry about IT-related issues. We will work closely with you and your HR Team to understand how you need the system to function, creating a wide range of scenarios to thoroughly test and ensure everything is in order.

With our new TwTest automation tools, we will streamline the testing process,  which will save you time and money. The end result will be a solution that works the way YOU need it to work. 

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Navigation HR System Testing with Team Wheel

Introducing a new Human Resources System can revolutionise your organisation, but effective testing is a crucial stepping stone to success. At Team Wheel, we specialise in various testing phases, ensuring a seamless transition to your new HR system.

1. Unit Testing:

Team Wheel Solution: Our experts are well-versed in unit testing. We meticulously examine individual components of the system to guarantee they function as intended.

2. End-to-End Testing:

Team Wheel Solution: We excel in end-to-end testing, where we validate the entire system’s functionality, ensuring it works seamlessly from start to finish.

3. Parallel Testing for Payroll:

Team Wheel Solution: For payroll systems, we offer parallel testing services, meticulously comparing results from both the old and new systems to ensure accuracy.

4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

Team Wheel Solution: Engaging users is vital. In UAT, we collaborate closely with your HR team to ensure the new system aligns with your organisation’s specific needs and that employees are comfortable using it.

5. Test Management:

Team Wheel Solution: Our expertise extends to test management, where we meticulously plan, organise, and oversee the entire testing process. With our streamlined approach, we ensure that testing activities are well-coordinated and effectively managed, resulting in a smoother and more efficient testing phase.

6. Testing Preparation:

Team Wheel Solution: We take the burden of testing preparation off your shoulders. Our experts handle the meticulous planning, documentation, and coordination necessary for a successful testing process. With our assistance, you can define clear testing objectives, select the most appropriate testing methods, create comprehensive test cases/scenarios, and help allocate the appropriate resources seamlessly.

Why Team Wheel:

By partnering with Team Wheel, organisations can benefit from a comprehensive array of testing services and tools. Our strategic approach, professional expertise, and meticulous attention to detail help ensure that your new HR system will meet your needs, unlocking its potential benefits and ensuring you get exactly what you wanted.